Process step 1Analysis of the company and its corporate strategy (SWOT).
Process step 2Financial analysis.
Process step 3Carrying out valuation and advice to optimize the value of the company.
Process step 4Definition of the transaction scheme so that the client’s objectives are met with the needs, opportunities and timings of the market.
Process step 5Preparation of the Information Memorandum.
Process step 6Search and identification of potential investors in consensus with the client.
Process step 7Organization of the first contacts and presentation of the project with the strictest confidentiality to potential investors.
Process step 8Supervision of the negotiations: organization and coordination (with full participation in all stages) of the negotiations.
Process step 9Organization of the Data Room (accounting, financial, fiscal, legal, labour and environmental) optimizing the confidentiality, effectiveness and deadlines of the Due Diligence.
Process step 10Completion of the transaction: preparation and organization of the closing.
Process step 11Legal supervision: supervision, throughout the process, of the preparation of legal documents (confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, etc.).
Process step 12Follow-up (optional): medium and long-term post-transaction advisory services.


Process step 1Market analysis and identification of its main actors.
Process step 2Collection, analysis and detailed presentation of information regarding companies that meet the selection criteria agreed with the client.
Process step 3Approach to the shareholders of the selected companies and presentation of a potential corporate transactions.
Process step 4Carrying out a preliminary assessment of the selected companies.
Process step 5Preparation of a complete presentation of the selected companies.
Process step 6Selection of the chosen company, or of several chosen companies, either sequentially or simultaneously.
Process step 7Organization of conversations and negotiations between the client and the shareholders of the chosen company.
Process step 8Contribution to the financial, labour, tax and environmental analysis of the chosen company.
Process step 9Collaboration in the formulation of the non-binding proposal.
Process step 10Negotiation and writing of NBOs/LOI.
Process step 11Due Diligence supervision.
Process step 12Participation in the negotiations of the sale contract and the closing of the transactions.

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