At ANQUOR CORPORATE FINANCE, we assume the strict rules of Corporate Finance as our own with ethics that go beyond legal requirements.

  • We put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.
  • We avoid any kind of conflict of interests.
  • We only accept targeted assignments.


At ANQUOR CORPORATE FINANCE, we are focused primarily on Corporate Finance and we are not allowed to carry out other activities that could potentially be in conflict with our main activity.


Comprehensive service

At ANQUOR CORPORATE FINANCE, we act with a clear service vocation, always:

  • From an objective and practical approach.
  • With renowned knowledge in key sectors of activity which allows us to speak our clients’ language.
  • With a multidisciplinary team of graduates in Business Management, Law, Pharmacy, Chemical and Industrial Engineering, and Economic Sciences.

That is why we are able to accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from the conception and organisation of the operations to their close. This allows confidentiality to be better preserved, makes it easier for the client to focus on their business and processes to be optimised, reducing deadlines and improving the quality of execution.


Long-term relationship and client-oriented

At ANQUOR CORPORATE FINANCE, we are particularly focused on stable, long lasting and quality relationships with our clients. Our experience assures us that accompanying them throughout the different stages of their growth and helping them at any time with defining, organising and executing adequate corporate operations allows for a profound, mutual understanding. It is the best way of meeting expectations.


ANQUOR CORPORATE FINANCE is comprised of different cultures and invests in the richness that diversity supplies. An approach reflected not only in team members’ varied training but also the working languages and origin of our professionals and collaborators (Spanish, French, English, Catalan, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Mandarin, Cantonese and Portuguese).

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