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Corporate Finance en tiempos de vacunación (I)

Por Elena Yepes, Partner @Anquor Corporate Finance 20:30 jueves 25 de febrero de 2021, cena virtual del Grupo 2 Promoción 98 EXEP Se mantiene rigurosamente el calendario establecido de realizar una cena semestral y en esta ocasión asisten 4 de los 6 miembros del grupo, Ana, Carlos, Mercedes y Pedro. Manel está absorbido en la

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What does an entrepreneur need to know about finances?

Many successful entrepreneurs have created their company thanks to their capacity for innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercial energy. These qualities are necessary to create and grow a business. But at some point in the life cycle of the company, the financial dimension comes into play and not all entrepreneurs are clear about the strategic role of finance in

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The reasons to sell a company

If there are companies that buy, it is obvious that there are companies that sell. But the reasons for selling are different from the reasons for buying: Added value.The first reason for sale comes when an entrepreneur has created a good business, with significant sales volume and good margins, and receives an offer from a larger

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How do I purchase a company?

Companies are bought, sold and merged. All companies are born small and if they have a good business and are well managed, they grow and expand. Structured growth, increasing sales by gaining new clients and launching new products on the market, is the first step that all businesses follow to expand. However, at a point, and in certain circumstances, growing by purchasing another company is an option that all entrepreneurs should have in mind and assess within their strategy.

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