The founding shareholders and Edify buy Investcorp’s majority stake in Agromillora

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On April 21st 2022, the founding shareholders and Edify have completed the acquisition of Investcorp’s majority stake in Agromillora.

Founded in Barcelona in 1986, Agromillora is a global provider of advanced plant propagation services to the agricultural industry including olive trees, vines, stone fruit trees, almonds and other nut trees, berries and citrus trees. The Company provides nurseries and growers worldwide with a complete portfolio of high-density trees through tissue culture propagation in laboratories located across five continents and develops proprietary rootstocks for high-density plantation models and products. As growing global food demand raises ever increasing demands on nature’s resources, Agromillora’s activities contribute to increasing the efficiency of food production, especially by developing agronomic models with less water consumption and healthier plants to grow in more extreme conditions. The Company produces around 80 million trees every year around the globe in its 10 subsidiaries and employs more than 1.500 people.

Investcorp invested in Agromillora in December 2016 and has worked closely with its founders and management team to drive growth through international expansion and continuous innovation. This has included supporting Agromillora to strengthen and expand its market position, investing over €30m in growth initiatives across Europe, the US, Latin America, and Australia and ultimately increasing the adoption of high-density plantation models across crops and geographies.

Edify, on the other hand, is an industrial investment company controlled by the French Despature family with €625 million of assets under management. The holding company was born out of the industrial history of the Damartex and Somfy groups. For more than 150 years, the family has developed and created companies that have become leaders in their respective sectors, such as the French agricultural company Pellenc, which distributes its products in more than 50 countries.

Edify’s Advisers:

Transaction (Finance): Anquor Corporate Finance

Transaction (Legal): Garrigues (Naiara Bueno Aybar, Aida Pérez, Arturo Noguer, Sergio Vidal),

Transaction (Legal): KPMG (Luis Gomez Angelats, Diego Herrero Mota),

Strategic: Strategia Partners (Jean Berg, Manon Clément),

Financial: Deloitte (Jordi Vall, Yannis Suarez),

Tax: Deloitte (Ian Bueno, Barbara Soler),

Legal: Garrigues (Tania Targas, Sara Lillo, Sandra Velaz, Edgar Izcara).

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